Reach All Nations

Orphan’s Joy has come alongside Reach All Nations to help build a children’s home for the many children who have been taken off the street and are living at the church. Orphan’s Joy has enjoyed getting to know the founder Vijaya Sastry Meesala as he has come through Minnesota several times and several board members visited his place. They have learned about how his family, who live next to the church, have cared for these children and how the children have a broader family as visiting evangelists and visitors come to the church and training center to learn and be encouraged. The children play with the visitors and often hang out where they can overhear the training. They are saturated with a good news of Christ and the mission to share with the unreached.

RAN is quite holistic and is involved in a variety of ministries. Their core is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached. They also support a network of 30 local pastors, have established a children’s home and missionary training center, they support missionaries, have income generating projects, plant churches, and have done relief work after disasters.

With more than 100 million street and working children in India, producing in excess of 20% of India’s gross national product, the need for Christian ministry to children is desperate.

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