Ahadi Family Kenya

Being on staff at Daystar University, Kenya, was their day job. Caring for orphaned and vulnerable boys just happened. One by one Phyllis and Jon Masso found that God was giving them boys in need and Ahadi Family Kenya was born in 2000. “Ahadi” means promise in Swahili. After being housed in rented accommodations for some years Ahadi built a boys home on the savannah outside Nairobi.

As research supports every child having a home, Phyllis has since worked with the staff and Ahadi has been able to find families and support these boys in school and families.  Orphan’s Joy has had the pleasure of being able to help this encouraging work in various ways.

Many young men of the Ahadi family have a had a new start with steady Christian teaching, education and hope.

Visit Ahadi’s website.

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