Orphan's Joy

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Blessing Orphans around the world in the name of Jesus

Blessing in the name of Jesus – Physical and spiritual responses that proclaim Jesus in word and deed

Orphans – Children whose parents or family are no longer caring for them, and they are abandoned

Around the World – The neediest places where we can effectively serve


Orphan’s Joy was formed in in 2008 to bless orphans around the world in the name of Jesus. The focus has always been on the needs of vulnerable children who live outside of the United States. The goal has been to work with individuals and organizations who are connected to and working with a local church to help them take a step forward in providing for the needy little ones. The help has generally not been ongoing support. There is large interest in fostering with sustainability

Orphan’s Joy first began learning and helping as board members visited Kenya and met with several caregivers. Since then, as board members have traveled and met with people in the US and abroad they have helped to further the work of various organizations. Members of the board have seen orphan needs as they visited and have developed a special interest in child safety and getting children into families.